My Road to Blogging

My Road to Blogging

Me vs Myself vs I

Like most things, taking the FIRST STEP is always the hardest thing to do. I have been contemplating on starting my own blog for a while now but something is always pulling me back. I don’t know if it is the fear of rejection, a little procrastination or simply skepticism but the idea of competing in an arena dominated by bloggers half my age has proven to be pretty daunting.

After I dug up some of my lost confidence, I started to make a list to weigh the pros and cons of why I should conquer the world of blogging. As the list grew, I began to argue with myself and discovered a new sense of conviction. I can do this! If others can, why can’t I, right? But first, I have to be a realist.

I am not famous. Is fame really necessary? Although it can be a fortunate outcome, fame is not my main agenda. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Who knows? This might be my first stride towards a better something.

I am not athletic nor a health buff. I enjoy food too much. It is my professed vice. Who does not want to eat? It’s a basic instinct. Problem is what tastes good does not always mean it’s healthy. And yes, I do watch what I eat…I even take pictures of them too!

I don’t have a six pack nor a rocking body. Truth be told, I have a muffin top. I have been trying hard to get rid of this unwanted body part for a long time but still remain unsuccessful. Thank goodness for flowy garments, I can make them disappear temporarily. As for the rocking body, I will hopefully get there eventually. My quick fix for the time being is to situate myself on a rock with a killer view!

I don’t exercise regularly (or at all). Definitely not my proudest confession but my only form of semi-vigorous exercise is walking down our neighborhood block after dinner. I am what textbook defines as moderately active (or a mild couch potato). But hey, I can’t write standing up nor while running, so my couch potato moments can be productive!

I am old. Early 40’s is ancient in today’s vernacular. Others may contest that age is just a state of mind. My constant dilemma with aging is that my face does not keep up chronologically with my accumulated years. In my profession it is sometimes a bane to look younger because people equate experience with how one looks. This is one of the few reasons why sometimes I turn to cosmetics to make me look more mature and not the other way around. To set the record straight, I am not complaining. This is a better problem to have than dealing with pleats on my forehead.

I am not that tech savvy and I don’t always have the time to keep up with technology. Catching up with new gadgets and toys is like buying a car. It depreciates as soon as you leave the dealership. There is always something better coming up tomorrow or the next day. If something still works, I will make it worthwhile until an upgrade is called for. I am not being stingy but practicality can get me further.

I am not rich (literally). Monetary wealth is not the answer to everything though it can be a means to anything. I don’t intend to amass great quantities of material possessions but I want to enrich my life with experiences that money can’t buy. Most of the things I truly value does not come with a cost. As long as I have a budget for an occasional shopping spree, I will be okay.


I am not a typical fashionista. My fashion sense is borderline boring with a twist. I am not into chest arch displays nor gluteus enhancing tactics. I have my own body image insecurities ( like who doesn’t?). I think everyone struggles with personal flaws. We are built that way. Nobody wakes up saying, I was born perfect!

My face is ordinary and I have a lot of look-a-like ( in other words, I am common ). Yes, I get that “Do-I-know-you-from-somewhere” questions more often than people can correctly say my name! I am not grumbling because when I look at the mirror, I am proud of the person that I see. Though common and ordinary, my face is a gift and a reflection of my ancestry. It is a face that has emerge through a lot of adversity. It may not launch a thousand ships but my words, my mind and my imagination might!

I have a mild case of heliophobia. Being Asian, I have an inherent predisposition to dislike any type of sun-exposure. The irony is that I chose to move from a cold state to a very sunny state because I am tired of the rigors of winter. Beach sunny days , here I come!

This list could go on, but I realized that I have discovered a different version of me. I have unleashed the inception of The Bespectacled Dream Chaser.

Disclaimer: This article is intended to amuse. The opinions are solely mine. In case you're itching to say something, please let it all out! I'm all ears...

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